Mr. Phillip Schwenk  - Principal

Mr. Michael Kelleher – Dean of Students (mkelleher@nocacademy.org)


Mrs. Ana Meyers – Kindergarten Teacher (ameyers@nocacademy.org)

Mrs. Kimberly Rhine - Kindergarten Teacher (krhine@nocacademy.org)

Ms. Colleen Horste – First Grade Teacher (chorste@nocacademy.org)

Mrs. Gail Howell – Second Teacher (ghowell@nocacademy.org)

Mrs. Lynn Rodriguez – Third Grade Teacher (lwilhelmrodriguez@nocacademy.org)

Ms. Sue Larimer – Fourth Grade Teacher (slarimer@nocacademy.org)

Mr. Alan Sherban – Middle School Science Teacher (asherban@nocacademy.org)

Mr. Michael Kelleher – Middle School History Teacher (mkelleher@nocacademy.org)

Mrs. Adrian Jazwiecki Fate – Middle School Math Teacher (afate@nocacademy.org)

Mrs. Sarah Spaulding – Middle School English/Literature (sspaulding@nocacademy.org)

Mr. Gary Varney – Middle School Latin Teacher (gvarney@nocacademy.org)

Mrs. Gail Mowry – Music Teacher (gmowry@nocacademy.org)

Mr. Jeff Humason – Art and Physical Education Teacher (jhumason@nocacademy.org)


Miss Michelle Kopf – Office Manager (mkopf@nocacademy.org)

Marlisa Sanchez - Before and After School Care Director

Aisha Hunter - Before and After School Care Director

Properly Certified Teacher/Parental Information Request

In compliance with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind statute, Northwest Ohio Classical Academy will inform parents of information about the professional qualifications of your student's teacher(s). The following information may be provided:

  • Whether the teacher has met the Ohio Professional Standards Commission requirements for certification for the grade level and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction;

  • Whether the teacher is teaching under a provisional status through which Ohio qualifications or certification criteria have been waived;

  • The college major and any graduate certification or degree held by the teacher; and/or,

  • Whether the student is provided services by paraprofessionals, and if so, their qualifications.

If you wish to request information concerning your child’s teacher’s qualifications, please contact the Office Manager of NOCA at 567-420-6180.