Meet the NOCA Board


Professor Lee Strang – President

Mrs. Janet Ragan – Vice President

Dr. Matt Dietrich – Vice President

Mrs. Cheryl Garlow – Secretary

Mrs. Kathleen Sallah – Treasurer

Mrs. Ann Currie 

Mrs. Eleanor Kemp

Mr. Robert Pruger

Mrs. Anna Woycik

Mr. Ben Buckenmeyer

Board members pic.jpg

Board meetings occur every month on the second Wednesday of the month, at the NOCA campus (5025 Glendale Ave., Toledo, OH 43614)

The 2019-2020 School Year Board Meeting Dates are as Follows:

Wednesday, July 10th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, August 14th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, September 11th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, October 9th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, November 13th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, December 11th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, January 8th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, February 12th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, March 11th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, April 8th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, May 13th at 6:00pm

Wednesday, June 10th at 6:00pm

For any questions or concerns, the board may be reached at


The Board is not the first point of contact and therefore will refer communications that seek response or action to the appropriate members of the administration.

The reason for this chain-of-command is that the teacher invariably has the most direct knowledge of the child, can usually do more to remedy or ameliorate a situation than can an administrator or board member, and the teacher is the professional authorized to oversee his or her classroom. We understand that some parents are “conflict averse” and do not want to bring up a potentially difficult issue with a teacher. Nonetheless, the teachers are eager to help each child in whatever way possible.

Some situations, admittedly, seem by their very nature to warrant a discussion with the Principal initially. For example, parents may have questions or concerns about the overall homework load or a particular way of teaching, such as the Socratic method. As a result, it is easier and more expedient to speak to the Principal first. In these cases, however, it is always better for the parent to have as much specific information as possible so the Principal can act on that information."